Artist Biography

Manisha Mohnani (MFA,BFA) is a contemporary artist born in Indore, India in 1991. She currently works from her home studio in Bangalore, India. Manisha has always been fascinated by culture and history weaving stories of the past. Naturally, she was drawn to visual arts as a part of the historic movements in literature. This interest was cultivated during her childhood and further developed when she opted to take her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts followed by a Master’s Degree.

After completing her education, she delved even more into her art practice. She was profoundly inspired by the life and works of Artist Frida Kahlo, Dali and the writings of Khalil Gibran during her master’s degree. Her works also reflect her interest in mythology and surrealism, thus her art became an amalgamation of her experiences as an artist. Her distinctive personal style emanates from thoughtful and philosophical interactions, emotions and a lot of reading and research. She includes a part of everything she gets attached to, feels and imagines. The artwork she creates beautifully combines structured forms and compositions. Her work is recognised for its unique and imaginative gestures, soothing colours and dynamic composition.

Manisha is also trained as a teacher, specialising in Art Education. She teaches in order to help children foster the same enthusiasm that she has for Arts.

Manisha has exhibited her works in various jury shows, group shows in India and abroad along with a solo show in India. She has participated in various Fairs, National Camps and events throughout her artistic journey and has been awarded with Prafulla Dahaunkar Art Foundation’s Women Empowerment Award and Indore City Women Artist Award. Her works have also been published in various leading newspapers and magazines such as Emboss Magazine, Hindustan times etc and her interviews have also appeared across media and television. She is also a member of the prestigious Art Society of India.