Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Award


On 23/03/2016, Artist Manisha Mohnani had received her ' Empowering Woman Artist Prize of Rs 10,000 as conferred on the winner of the Indore City Woman Artist Award ' in the Kalanand Art Contest 2016 of Prafulla Dahaunkar Art Foundation.

Awarded Painting

Genre: Painting

Title: Mahakali

Size: 72.5 in * 30.5 in

This painting of ‘Mahakali ‘ is a blend of soothing dark colors complementing to nature of this goddess, yet portraying rage in her eyes. A monotone color scheme symbolizing of her being a part of nature and her victory over the negative by her hand holding the head inverted. It is a painting of modern technique and traditional subject woven in oil, on an empty canvas.

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