Artist Statement

My name is Manisha Mohnani and I was born on August 12, 1991 in Indore, a small city in the heart of India with a charming old rich history, architecture and cuisine. I enjoyed a peaceful childhood. When I was almost seven, I discovered a passion for drawing and devoted every available moment of my childhood to paint. My early memories are of solitary art weekends, painting the dream-like world of compositions. My interest was further cultivated and developed when I opted for a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts followed by a Master's degree.

I like to be unique and brave in my painting style. I don’t follow any particular artists but I have been profoundly inspired by the works and lives of Dali, Frida Kahlo, writings of Khalil Gibran, mythology and music. My works are nothing but a form of visual storytelling, exploring the creative boundaries between surrealism and reality. I love what I create and it fills a large part of my life. By doing so, I feel much more free and true to myself. Art is a place where I can really feel the expansiveness of life.

My drawing process starts from the thought that has caught my attention at that moment. The figures in my paintings are floating in a dream-like state. The graceful distortions of the face and body, the gestures of hands, curling of the feet complement movement in solitude. I attempt to infuse my drawings and paintings with a certain beauty and quality as well as an inner need to identify the images with my internal desires. Colour plays a vital role and is a powerful force in all my work, be it pastel, vibrant or black and white. It is a quality that has the most emotional impact in a painting. The colours I use are a way I respond to the subject. I always work with the idea of the result I want and the sequence of techniques and colours with necessary sketching.

​I feel that the temperament and aesthetics of oil painting, pen and ink suits me better for I work at a slow pace in time. Mystic Emotions, the title given for my Solo Exhibitions, shows and signifies what all I speak and believe.